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Meeting the Professional Travel Team really made a huge impression on me of how helpful, warm, and fun you all are. Thank you for jumping in to help whenever you are called upon!

Cindy N. | Global Design-Build Firm

Let me tell you how awesome Professional Travel is. While traveling, I received a text from the airline saying my flight was delayed. I was going to miss my connection, so I called ProTrav and the agent switched my flight to connect through a different city. When I arrived at the gate, THAT flight was delayed! I called ProTrav again, and the agent switched me to a different airline, connecting through a different city, and I got to my final destination with no problems. All the other passengers on my previously booked flights were scrambling to make other arrangements on their own, while I made a simple phone call and ProTrav handled it for me. How wonderful, and stress-free.

Bette P. | Major League Baseball Team

Because we use AMEX for our corporate cards, we have a lot of points that can be used to book flights. Whenever we need to book an extraordinary flight — sometimes >$10k — we reach out to see if our points can be used. Our contact at ProTrav has been an absolute lifesaver for me and our company, finding flights using points and saving our company more than $35,000 in just the last three months. Our previous TMC never offered this type of relationship!

Eric T. | Multinational Insurance Company

I want to express my appreciation for your agents. They are such a joy to work with and always so pleasant on the phone. Every time I reach out for help with my travel needs for the VPs, your team does an excellent job!

Felicia M. | National Energy Provider

At the end of July, my team and I were grounded in Newark after every flight to Cleveland was cancelled. We opted to drive back through the night, but both car rental companies we contacted were unable to accommodate us, so we were stuck. Then I called Protrav. Within 60 seconds, they had set us up with a rental and sent the receipt and confirmation to my email while we were still on the phone. Within 90 seconds, we were in the car ready to begin our trek home. Because of ProTrav, we were able to get back home that night and make the numerous meetings that we would have otherwise missed the next day. Your team’s responsiveness and customer service was beyond expectation – they are truly great at what they do. Thank you!

Brian M. | Risk Management & Insurance Firm

I want to pass along a HUGE thank you for all of the ProTrav team’s assistance with the T-Mobile Little League Home Run Derby Event. It was hectic and last minute, but your responsiveness and adaptability was greatly appreciated through the entire process.

Bryan H. | Sports Integration Marketing Firm

I have always received such great customer service from our account manager, the agents and the online support team at ProTrav that I don’t even know if we’re paying for VIP services, because we’re always treated like VIPs.

Lori K. | Global Design-Build Firm

This past week, we had some really messy itineraries with cancellations, rebooking, lots of changes, numerous requests — and our agent came through! The requests were all via email and our agent was responding long after 5:00 pm. She also called me on a couple of occasions to ask questions. Truly phenomenal! Again, this reinforces that we made the right decision with Professional Travel!

Pam B. | Industrial Maintenance Company

Within one week of going live with Professional Travel, an agent proactively reached out to tell one of our travelers she could save us $1,094.27 on an international fare with a slightly different departure time. Our old TMC never saved us money on international flights and the agents were not experienced. Great first impression!

Eric T. | Multinational Insurance Company

I wanted to reach out and say how great my Professional Travel agent has been. I am not a good traveler—I get motion sickness and am very picky with how I fly—but she has made the process of booking and taking multiple work trips seamless for me.

She tends to work late hours and she ALWAYS gets back to me in a timely manner. These days, that level of service is rare and appreciated. I just wanted you to know you have a diamond there in your office, and I will continue to rely on her!

Sara M. | Global Polymer Manufacturer & Distributor

Thank you for all of your assistance in finding us the right person to help with our travel needs. Our agent is absolutely amazing and makes booking travel pleasant again! Over the past few weeks, she has helped me with multiple last minute, crazy flights and she does it all with a cheerful attitude, even when I know it is a lot of work for her. I truly feel like she has a vested interest in me, the team and our travelers. Thanks again for “hearing” us and helping us find a GREAT solution!

Traci M. | Professional Football Team

Today, one of our best employees had an emergency situation involving his very-sick mother who resides in the U.K. He had to travel immediately, in the heart of spring break, and with 737 Max planes grounded. A tough ticket! But ProTrav came though, again! And, at a price we would not have thought possible.

Paul F. | Private Manufacturer

Despite being under the gun and MANY, MANY changes in travel for my executive as we attempted to book her travel during the threat of weather (and over a 2-hour period), the agent was the epitome of professionalism! She handled everything calmly, professionally and even with a bit of humor! Although all of my experiences to date with Professional Travel have been great, her calm demeanor made a very tense situation an incredible one. Kudos to the ProTrav team for a job very well done!

Sue C. | Fortune 100 Energy Provider

I wanted to take a moment to sing the praises of one of your representatives — each encounter that I have had has been one of pure joy! If I have an issue, which is ALWAYS one that needs to handled immediately, she makes sure that it is taken care of expeditiously and that any concerns I have are allayed. Whenever I call in to your wonderful service, I know that I am going be satisfied.

Lisa H. | Global Medical Product Manufacturer & Distributor

In my first time interacting with Professional Travel I was blown away in such a positive way by the service I received. I run customer service and experience for my company, and you are obviously doing a great job. Wonderful communication, empathy, efficiency, going over and above, outside the box thinking — spot on. Thank you!

Geoff S. | Industry-Leading Agriculture Organization

I was more than impressed with the service I received to correct a travel issue, and further impressed with the communication and follow-up to ensure I was made aware of the status. In a time of need, I felt I had a trusted partner working to help get me home, and I sincerely appreciated the effort.

Jeannie L. | Leading Engineering Firm

Professional Travel is excellent and allowed me to make a flight change on short notice at a significant savings, all in the midst of a hectic hurricane event. Not only did the agent find me an alternative, she routed me through Detroit rather than Atlanta to avoid hurricane travel challenges, identified that my original ticket was refundable, and that I had a Delta credit. This saved me over $500 on the refund, paid for my flight, and kept over $300 in the bank for my next Delta flight.

Micah S. | Global Business Services Provider

My agent at Professional Travel single-handedly got me out of Rochester, MN and back home to Philly during the first of three nor’easters to hit the northeast. She even emailed me throughout the evening of my travel (even past her normal work hours!) to keep me in the loop about flight status and confirm that I got home safely. I was so incredibly grateful for her dedication and compassion during this process, especially since I was worried about not making it home (which I did, thanks to her).

Sarah M. | North American Health Care Provider

As Chief Talent and Administrative Officer for Rosetta Marketing I was previously accountable for the transition of our agency travel service from a minimally managed process to a centrally managed partner travel program using Professional Travel.

Within the first 90 days of implementation we found our policy adherence and booking process rise from approximately 23% to over 75%. Cost per transaction decreased significantly, and Professional Travel provided a quarterly summary of travel spend, trends and outliers that allowed us to address problem issues. Saving exceeded our expectation and we found ourselves a model for travel efficiency across our parent network.

Due to holding company requirements, we were ultimately required, under protest, to move to American Express travel. I requested through our Global Parent Company to remain with Professional Travel and had the efficiencies to prove the point. However, the mandate was enforced.

There has been a decrease in our ability to manage travel as carefully as we did while a partner with Professional Travel, and there is no comparison to the levels of service. Given the option, I would immediately return to Professional Travel and highly recommend their service and support as a way to manage travel cost, understand spending patterns, and achieve service levels that respond to the most discerning needs of Senior Executives.

Nigel A. | North American Marketing Firm

Beginning in 2008, our company began using travel sites managed by American Express and Expedia. Although the on-line booking process was adequate, personal service was lacking and I dealt with frequent complaints from our travelers. Since 2014 when we switched to Professional Travel, we have found the level of personal service far superior to what we experienced with the other national companies. Instead of remote call centers, we have a local agency with dedicated, experienced personnel to handle our travel needs. They are very active in managing any available ticket inventory and applying corporate discounts to our traveler booking activity. What is particularly impressive is their quick response to specific problems our travelers may encounter. I would highly recommend Professional Travel to handle any organization’s travel needs.

Ronald C. | Global Aviation & Rail Interior Supplier

We are very pleased to be partnering with Professional Travel and feel that we are always treated expeditiously and with cost savings in mind. Your team functions well on many levels. I always receive an unused ticket report which helps us to keep our costs down by reusing the tickets. I also receive a report for those people traveling internationally on a weekly basis so that I can verify they have long distance or international calling enabled on their mobile devices, saving us money in that arena. I am often approached by other travel management firms and my stock reply is that we have an evergreen contract with Professional Travel and to take me off their list!

Meridith R. | Global Cryogenic Equipment Manufacturer

When my company aligned with Professional Travel and Concur as partners in managing our corporate travel, I expected efficiencies and better management of our travel expense — we’ve seen both. We’ve also found that we have a partner in Professional Travel that understands our company and culture. I personally witnessed that recently when a member of our team ran into trouble while vacationing in Europe with family. His mother fell and broke her femur, and was hospitalized for a week following surgery. They would now be flying back out of a different city than originally planned, on a later and yet-to-be identified date.

Professional Travel went above and beyond taking the burden of changing plans off our employee and working directly with the airline to facilitate changes in schedule and an upgrade so they could travel comfortably on their trip back to the states. Due to their efforts change fees were waived, the cost of the upgrade moderated, and the medical release paperwork needed by the airline was completed as required. Our traveler was so appreciative that we were able to remove the stress of making alternative arrangements and allow him to concentrate on getting his mother back on her feet and out of the hospital. I was extremely impressed, the professional and caring service he and I experienced from Professional Travel was priceless.

Cindy G. | Global Agriculture Information Company

One of our travelers mailed Delta a voucher to apply towards his trip. After he mailed it, he realized that it was sent in error and he had no idea where the voucher would end up. He called Professional Travel for help. Most agencies would normally have told him that it was gone and there would be no way to track it down, but not Professional Travel. Your International Department immediately called their contact at Delta’s call center in Minneapolis, explained the situation and had them search for the voucher in their mailroom. They found it, too, saving our traveler $670.

Bette B. | American Tire Manufacturing Company

Professional Travel has been our travel management partner for many years. As a major sports organization, our travel needs are very diverse and demanding. Their team of resources consistently delivers first class customer service to us as well as assistance in identifying cost and time saving solutions. In addition, their executive management team is in constant contact with us to strategize innovative solutions to minimize our travel spend, while increasing the service to our entire organization including players, scouts, families, and team management. I would endorse Professional Travel to any company looking to integrate a cost effective, centralized travel management process.

Francine S. | Major League Baseball Team

Our company would like to endorse Professional Travel for proactively managing our Airline Business Programs and our unused non-refundable ticket inventory. These programs have saved us tens of thousands of dollars this year. I would recommend Professional Travel to any other business that needs to improve their managed travel processes and reduce core travel costs.

Karen D. | Medical Equipment Engineering Company

The service provided by my agent at Professional Travel was wonderful. She stayed in contact with me throughout the day on the status of my travelers’ flight and delay, and since she couldn’t get a confirmation from the airlines as to the flight schedule, she made the decision to hold seats on the flight departing the following day as a back-up. It was a good thing too—within two hours, all but three seats were booked! I was very pleased with the quality of service and responsiveness provided.

Laura B. | North American Insurance Company

I wanted to express my extreme gratitude to the people at Professional Travel that helped me get out of the northeast on Friday. Over two days, I tried to book a flight to get ahead of the storm and was on the phone with your associates continually. Thursday starting around noon, there were no flights available all the way through Friday morning. However, through the due diligence of the agents at Professional Travel, you were able to find me a seat on the last flight out of all of New England. I am truly grateful.

Gary R.

I have used several agencies in the past before switching to Professional Travel – including Carlson, American Express and others. I can say without doubt, Professional Travel has served my needs best.

Gene C. | Global Engineering Company

Yesterday, I was starting my normal travel route as a severe storm passed through my destination. Needless to say, there were long delays and missed connecting flights. Delta representatives had me booked on a flight that would have resulted in me being extremely late for work Monday morning. Knowing I was in for a long night, I called the emergency 24-hour number for Professional Travel. Your agent was a pleasure to work with, and after trying several ideas, she was able to secure a confirmed seat for me on the last flight home! I was very satisfied with the service provided and her desire to get the job done in a time of need!

David J. | Senior Consultant

I was stuck at the airport when my first flight landed late and I missed my connection. Without your agent’s help, I couldn’t have returned home that night and would not have made my flight the next morning to attend an important fundraiser. She looked at quite a few flight options and stayed on the phone with me to make sure I would make the flight she found. I barely made it after running through the airport, but because she was so efficient, I was able to get home on time. Travel can be challenging, but working with a company like Professional Travel is a delight and makes it not as burdensome.

Nancy C. | National Auto Insurance Company

I had a flight cancellation trying to get from Atlanta to Seattle. After your agent got me waitlisted for an early morning flight, she checked the status for me overnight and again at 5:30 am and stayed in contact with me all morning to make sure that I made it on the plane. I am so completely grateful for your agent’s attention and help. It went far beyond my prior experiences with all of the travel groups I’ve worked with over the years. Thank you, Professional Travel!

Lindsey F. | Regional Sales Manager

Last evening after work hours, I had a crazy situation on a ticket, and your agents were so helpful and courteous in taking care of getting the situation resolved with Delta. Then, today, our CEO was stuck with a multi-times delayed flight, and in a panic about getting home for something very important. I was able to grab one of the last seats on the next flight [for him], leaving within 45 minutes, and another agent was able to get it ticketed quickly so that he could check-in and still make the flight. Thanks for making that happen! As always, it’s great to have Professional Travel as a partner!

Marilyn M. | Global Management Consultancy
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