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10 Ways to Save Money at the Airport

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You’ve already spent enough on your ticket. Avoid spending even more on food, parking and more at the airport. Use these money saving hacks to ensure you spend less while you’re waiting for your trip to start so you have more to spend at your final destination.

Prepay for baggage

Sometimes, it’s cheaper to pay the checked or carry-on baggage fee online before you actually get to the airport. Check with your airline’s website to see if they have the option to prepay.

Weigh your luggage

Avoid paying overweight baggage fees by weighing your bag before you even walk out the door. This way, there are no costly surprises (we’re talking up to $150 for an overweight bag!) when you get to the airport.

Get dropped off

If possible, skip paying for airport parking all together by hitching a ride to the airport from a friend, coworker or family member.

Exchange money before you leave

Exchanging money at the airport is one of the most expensive options. Do you research, prepare ahead and save on the outrageous fees charged for the convenience of airport money exchange. We suggest exchanging a little money at your local bank (for transportation to the hotel, tips when you arrive, etc.) before you leave and then visiting a bank or an ATM when you get to your destination.

Bring water bottles

You can’t bring a full water bottle through security but no one’s stopping you from bringing an empty one and filling it up when you get through the line. With water in the airport being $3-$6, this can be a huge money saver.

Pack your own snacks

Save on airport food or in-flight food by bringing your own with you. Make sure you are prepared for delays or layovers too by packing a little extra. Snacks such as nuts, dried fruit and granola bars are small enough to fit in a carry on and filling enough to hold you over until you get off the plane.

Bring entertainment

Pack a pair of headphones and make sure you have something to read. Everything has a huge mark-up at gift shops. Buying headphones, a book or a magazine at the airport will cost you.

Save internet information to your desktop

If you will be working in the airport or on the plane, take screenshots of the online information you think you will need. Purchasing airport or in-flight internet access is pricey.

Look for airport lounge deals

If you are planning on eating or drinking at the airport anyways, heading to an airport lounge could actually save you money if you find the right deal. Airport lounge access often comes with complimentary Wi-Fi, beverages, snacks and other perks. If you are a frequent traveler, an annual membership might be worth it. If not, there may be other ways to gain access without necessarily paying full price.

Don’t shop

Seriously. Just don’t. The trinkets and knick-knacks might be tempting but we’re confident that you can find something much cheaper outside of the airport.

How do you save at the airport?

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