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Benefits to Staying at an All Inclusive Resort

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If you’ve never experienced an all inclusive vacation before, you need to give it a try. Read on to discover some of the benefits to this easy and stress-free way of vacationing!

First off, what is an all inclusive?

An all inclusive vacation is exactly what it sounds like. All inclusive. You pay one upfront cost for your room, food and drinks. Oftentimes flights, transportation to and from the airport, entertainment, tips, watersports and more are included as well. You usually don’t have to pay for anything once you get to the resort unless you want to do an extra activity such as a day at the spa or an excursion off the property.

All inclusive benefits

Because an all inclusive is kind of like a one-stop-shop vacation, there are many benefits to vacationing this way.


Not only is it convenient that there is one price for everything but that cost often ends up being cheaper than a typical pay-as-you-go vacation which make all inclusive packages perfect for those trying to spend a little less on a trip. Because everything is paid for months in advance and you don’t have to spend much once you arrive, it can be easy to work an all inclusive into your budget.

Family-friendly or adults only

There are so many different options when it comes to all-inclusive resorts. Some are heavily geared towards families with lots of activities, daycares, entertainment and kid-friendly pools to keep everyone busy. Others are adults only and are geared towards helping couples or groups of adults relax with pools, spas and bars.

No tipping

Most of the time, tipping is included in the price of the package so there’s no need to figure out whether or not to tip or how much you should be tipping.


Because everything is included, you don’t have to worry about walking around with your wallet or purse. No need to pull out your credit card or cash every time you get a drink or decide to grab something out of the mini bar. You also don’t have to worry about planning every single detail of your trip as a lot of it is already planned for you with an all inclusive package.

No need to leave

Because pretty much everything you could need is in one place, there’s really no need to leave the property. All inclusive resorts are generally pretty large with lots of places to eat, drink and relax throughout the week.

…But you can leave if you want to

On the flip side, you aren’t committed to staying on the resort. If you choose to, you can venture off the property to check out the local culture.

Save time when booking

The ease of booking an all inclusive can save you a ton of time. Instead of researching each different part of your trip individually (flights, hotel, entertainment, food, etc.), everything can be booked at once.

All inclusive specials

As vacation planning experts, we’d love to help you plan your next all inclusive vacation. We handle everything so you can relax through the entire booking process and on the vacation. Whether you’re planning an all inclusive or another type of trip, contact us today to help you plan your dream vacation!

Are you looking to book your next vacation?

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