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Traveling for Business during a Heat Wave

Almost no matter where you live right now, we can bet with certainty that it’s HOT! Though many areas of the United States are seeing temps above 100°F, it’s business as usual, including work trips. Read on for tips to beat the heat while traveling.

Wallet. Phone. Keys. CLOTHES!

Do not get onto an airplane or into a car without an extra change of clothes with you. Travel in cooler clothing and change in to your “work attire” right before your meeting in order to feel refreshed and put together.

Layering is your friend

Wear lightweight, loose fitting clothing and wear multiple layers. You want to be prepared for all environments . . . just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean that the conference room will be. By dressing strategically, you’ll be able to add or remove layers of clothing as necessary and remain comfortable.

Drink up (water that is . . .)

As always, one of the best ways to stay cool is to remain hydrated. Limit caffeine intake and stay away from alcohol as both will likely dehydrate you. Carry an empty water bottle with you into the airport and fill up when you get through security (it’s free and you get unlimited refills!) and bring your own water to meetings or events in case there isn’t any available.

Keep your hotel room cool

As soon as you get into your hotel room, crank that air. Your hotel room will likely be your “safe haven” between meetings and events on a business trip. When you are gone during the daytime, keep curtains or blinds closed. If needed, request lighter bed linens.

Give yourself time

Getting to and from meetings is stressful enough, especially in a city you aren’t familiar with. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destinations; the last thing you need to do is sprint to a meeting or event in extreme heat.

Stock up on extra toiletries – they’ll go a long way!

You may not always think to pack sunscreen for a work trip but especially during a heat wave, it should be at the very top of your packing list. And you should be applying it regularly if you’re spending any time outdoors. A sunburn will only make the heat worse.

Similarly, we could all use a little extra deodorant or body spray during a heat wave – no shame in that! Pack some in your carry-on and keep it in your work bag or briefcase when out during the day. Your co-workers and clients will thank you!

Plan your day like a pro

There are reasons why some European countries take a mid-day siesta and one of those reasons is to avoid being outdoors during the hottest times of the day. Smart! If possible, plan your day with the same intention in mind. Look up the forecast for your destination city, and schedule meetings during the cooler parts of the day (likely morning and late afternoon).

It’s possible to travel just as comfortably during a heat wave. Use these tips and stay cool!

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