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Using Outdated Travel Management Technology? It’s Time for a Change

Are you using outdated travel management technology? You may think you are cutting costs but chances are that you’re doing it at the expense of employee satisfaction, safety and more.

Some of the issues associated with antiquated travel management technology include:

Policy noncompliance

Old technology often leads to employees booking outside of policy. Travel policies are in place for a reason and when employees book on their own vs. using the travel management system in place, there can be a range of consequences including money loss, decreased traveler safety, issues collecting hotel or airline rewards and more.

Decreased safety

The right travel management technology will help you fulfil your duty of care responsibility, or the obligation you have to keep employees safe and informed while they are traveling. With outdated systems in place, you may not have access to crucial traveler tracking or alert functionality.

Data loss

Dated technology may not accurately capture all traveler data. Employee travel data allows you to keep a pulse on spending, identify traveler trends, ensure employee safety, find areas in need of process improvement and more.

Expensive upkeep

Not upgrading your technology does not necessarily equate to money savings. Technology that is outdated may no longer be supported by the vendor. If updates are available at all, they may be costly and could result in significant downtime.

Decreased efficiency

When technology is old, slow and not user friendly, employees will inherently spend more time using it. This decreases efficiency and takes time away from more important work. Furthermore, other employees within your organization may have to spend time dealing with frequent complaints or issues.

Employee frustration

The best employees are satisfied employees. Dated technology can cause employee frustration, which can lead to noncompliance or even worse, employees leaving your organization.

Travel management is tricky enough. Don’t let antiquated technology make it harder. By bringing your travel management technologies into the future, you can streamline processes, ensure compliance and increase employee satisfaction.

Partnering with the right travel management company will ensure you’re always using the most up-to-date and innovative technologies. Contact Professional Travel today to explore your options.

Managing travel is our business.

It shouldn’t have to be yours. Learn about our customized approach to corporate travel management and how our services can save you time and money.

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