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Make Your Next Off-Site Meeting or Conference Healthy

Are you hosting a conference or an off-site meeting? Follow these simple tips to encourage attendees to make healthy choices during the event.

Take frequent breaks

Make room in your schedule for frequent breaks and suggest that attendees get up and move around during downtime. If it’s nice out, you could recommend that they go outside for a walk and some fresh air.

Offer alternatives to sitting

Constant sitting can make attendees tired, disengaged and can have a negative impact on their overall physical and mental health. Consider exercise balls or standing tables as alternatives to chairs.

Encourage rest

A good night’s sleep will improve attendee engagement and participation during meetings and conferences. Promote healthy sleeping habits by starting later in the morning and finishing up earlier in the evening. This may even allow attendees to get a workout in before or after the event.

Offer healthy food options

We all know that meeting and conference food isn’t always the healthiest. Consider offering high-protein, low-sugar breakfast, lunch and snack options at your event. Serve less coffee and more water to encourage hydration. If possible, send out a survey to attendees ahead of time to learn about any dietary restrictions they have.

Suggest healthy dining establishments

If you aren’t providing all of the meals throughout your meeting or conference, be sure to suggest nearby establishments with healthy options that attendees can visit before and after the event, or during breaks.

Treat attendees to a spa treatment

If your event is located in a hotel or nearby to a spa, promote wellness and self-care by treating attendees to a service. Spa treatments can relax attendees and motivate them for a productive day.

Offer exercise events

Make fitness accessible by offering group exercise activities such as yoga or dance classes, group hikes or organized runs. Consider providing incentives to those who participate.

Gift healthy items

Include healthy items in your conference’s gift or swag bag such as fitness trackers, gym memberships or even something as simple as granola bars or smoothie samples.

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