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How Technology has Changed Business Travel

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Technology is changing the face of business travel. With this shift, there is an increased demand from business travelers for customized and immediate information, seamless booking and expense reporting and above all, a convenient and hassle-free travel experience. Is your company utilizing the proper technology in its travel management program? Read on to discover some technology-driven trends in the industry.

Technology trends shaping the business travel industry

Online reservation systems

The online reservation systems used  by travel management companies allow agents to check multiple airline, hotel and rental car carriers in order to get you the best possible price when booking business travel. Similarly, online booking tools make it simple for your employees to book and manage their business travel with just a few mouse clicks, all while ensuring their plans comply with your company’s travel policy.

The value of free Wi-Fi

Due to the dependence on mobile phones, tablets and laptops in today’s world, free Wi-Fi is no longer a “perk” airlines and hotels should offer; it’s an expectation. According to Business Travel News, 55% of business travelers spend at least one hour each day using in-room hotel internet for business. The majority of business travelers would be “more likely” or “much more likely” to book with a hotel that has free Wi-Fi or high-speed internet.

Traveler tracking

Part of your company’s duty of care responsibility involves knowing where your employees are at all times in order to communicate any dangers or risks they could face while traveling. Technology has made traveler tracking a more streamlined process and has allowed companies to keep employees safe while on the road.

Electronic expense reporting

While it may have been common to submit paper receipts to your employer every time you needed to get reimbursed for something relating to business travel, technology has made expense management a more digital process. Through the use of software and mobile apps, employees can quickly snap photos of their receipts and submit expenses digitally. This shift is making it easier for companies to manage, report on and even save on business expenditures.


From ordering food to your gate at that airport to booking and managing trips, it’s no surprise that business travelers are turning to apps to make life easier. It’s more imperative than ever that employers offer their business travelers the mobile apps and tools they need to make travel information accessible and convenient.

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