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How to Encourage Employee Travel Policy Compliance

Your company has a travel policy in place for a reason. Among other benefits, the right guidelines will keep employees safe on the road while saving your company time and money.  Oftentimes, employees fall victim to the assumption that they can find better pricing on their own or they just aren’t aware of the company’s policies or the fact that they are mandatory and so they simply don’t follow them. This lack of compliance can result in missed savings opportunities and even worse, could threaten the safety of your business travelers.

Ways to encourage travel policy compliance

Keep policies up-to-date and offer continuous training

Employees can only follow policies that they know exist. Be sure you are continuously training your staff on your company’s travel guidelines and communicate any changes or new additions as they come about. This may be as simple as a company-wide email but could also include workshops, classes or online courses on how to properly book travel or report expenses.

Communicate the benefits

It’s important for employees to understand why travel policies are in place. By communicating the fact that compliance benefits not only the company but the traveler as well, employees may be more likely to recognize and follow the rules.

Use a travel management company

Not only can a TMC help you create your company’s travel policies, ensuring they cover all aspects of your business travel program, they can also communicate and enforce the guidelines and will hold employees accountable for following them.

Incentivize employees

Encourage employees to comply with your travel policy by rewarding them for doing so. For example, if an employee takes a less than desirable flight, you could reward them by splitting the cost savings with them or by offering them an upgrade on their next trip. You could also provide gift cards or time off to employees who remain compliant for an entire year. Some companies choose to engage employees with gamification, offering badges and leaderboards in order to increase enthusiasm and motivation around compliance.

Addressing non-compliance

If you find that non-compliance is a growing issue within your organization, you may want to put certain strategies into place such as written warnings and circulated non-compliance lists. Additionally, you can choose not to reimburse employees who book outside of your company’s policy.

Make it easy

Invest in tools and technologies that make it as easy as possible for your employees to follow your travel guidelines. From hassle-free online booking tools to easy-to-use expense reporting software, equipping employees with the resources they need means that compliance no longer feels like a burden but instead just a simple part of their job.

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