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[Infographic] How COVID-19 Has Impacted Travel Buyers and Managers

Travel Managers have had to shift their priorities to cope with the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on business travel around the world. Find out what industry insiders are saying about the current state of affairs and when they believe travel will resume.

Infographic - How COVID-19 Has Impacted Travel Buyers and Managers

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Top 5 challenges for travel managers since the coronavirus outbreak

  • Volume of Unused Airline Tickets: At a time when cutting costs is a priority, companies have thousands and even millions tied up in unused ticket credits.
  • Accurate Reporting: Travel Managers must report on active versus cancelled trips, unused ticket volume, and more. This requires consolidating data sources and views from different airlines, hotels, and more before sharing the reports with senior leadership.
  • Travel Policy & Process: Travel Managers are qualifying which trips are considered business critical as well as overseeing duty of care.
  • Crisis Management: Companies’ risk management teams include travel managers and, depending on the situation, could be meeting as often as daily.
  • Traveler Evacuations: While the volume of necessary evacuations has dropped since the beginning of the outbreak, travel managers are still working to bring business travelers home from remote or compromised regions.

Changes to travel policy in the future

In mid-April, GoldSpring Consulting hosted a live webinar where they asked their audience to respond to several polls about the current state of their company and their travel policy. Here were the responses:

What depth of cost cutting is anticipated in your travel budget going forward?

  • 41% significant cost cutting
  • 47% minor cost cutting
  • 13% no change

When do you expect your company’s travel volume to pick back up?

  • 27% by the end of May
  • 42% by the end of June
  • 30% beyond June

Where do you feel your work progression is RIGHT now?

  • 15% still in full crisis management
  • 31% still in some crisis management
  • 38% leveling out
  • 16% level now

Preparing for the unexpected

Could your company use some support when it comes to managing unused tickets, building a travel program that puts Duty of Care objectives and risk management tools front and center, and more? Contact the team of experts at Professional Travel to help you through this crisis and ensure your team members are safe, secure, and confident in their future travels.

Learn about Direct Travel's unique approach to corporate travel management.

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