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Are Your Business Travelers Happy? Managing and Maintaining Their Satisfaction

Though traveling often may sound luxurious, those who are required to take frequent business trips may beg to differ. If you employ business travelers, ensuring their happiness is crucial to your company’s success. Read on for some tips for measuring and maintaining business traveler satisfaction.

How to gauge business traveler satisfaction

Surveying your business travelers

Consider conducting employee surveys quarterly to gauge business traveler satisfaction and determine how you can make travel easier for your jet-setting employees. For the most candid feedback possible, keep survey responses anonymous. Once you receive employee feedback, listen and adjust your policies accordingly. You’ll find that there are often small changes you can make for little cost. Include key business travelers in the decision-making process for increased employee insight.

Ways to keep business travelers happy

Keep in touch

Be sure your employees know how to ask for help and/or guidance before, during, and after their business trips. Ensure they are coming to you with feedback or any issues relating to business travel. Chances are the more connected you can stay with your employees, the happier they will be.

Include them in wellness initiatives

Many employers focus on wellness programs each year, or ways to encourage employees to make healthy lifestyle choices. However, business travelers are often overlooked when it comes to these initiatives. Make an effort to include travelers in your wellness program, making adjustments to your plan as needed to accommodate employees who aren’t in the office every day.

Ensure expense management is easy

No one enjoys filling out expense reports. Business travel expense management should be a quick and fairly simple process, especially if the traveler is expected to pay for the trip upfront and wait to be reimbursed later. Be sure policies and procedures are clearly laid out for all employees, and be prepared to offer assistance as needed.

Offer added incentives

Business travelers don’t often get to take advantage of in-office incentives such as happy hours, an office gym, free coffee, or other perks that your company may offer. Consider providing different types of incentives for frequent business travelers such as a cell phone stipend, a membership to a gym with locations all over the US, or a company car if employees are required to drive often.

Go mobile

Most business travelers rely heavily on their smartphones while traveling. Ensure critical information, such as your company’s travel policy, itineraries, expense management, and more is easily accessible on a handheld device.

How do you ensure your globe-trotting employees remain happy? Share with us!

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