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Keeping Travelers Safe During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Are your business travelers taking the necessary precautions during the coronavirus outbreak?

Now is an important time to communicate with your travelers to help keep them safe and healthy while on the road, as well as remind them to stay informed. Below are a few tips we recommend sharing with any employees that have upcoming plans to travel.

Precautionary Tips For Travelers During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Safeguard your health

Basic, preventative steps can go a long way during the outbreak of COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus. The absolute best thing travelers can do is to frequently wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap. This is very important any time someone comes in contact with other people or after touching a public surface.

If using hand sanitizer, make sure it is at least 60% alcohol to effectively kill the virus.

It’s also important to regularly clean devices such as smartphones and laptops. Pay attention to your keyboard and mouse as well! Wipe them down with cleaning products that contain at least 70% alcohol, and avoid touching your devices after coming in contact with others or with a public surface until you can wash your hands.

Understand how coronavirus is transmitted

Medical professionals have confirmed that COVID-19 is not airborne. You cannot contract the coronavirus by proximity.

Rather, the virus is transmitted by droplets, often through coughing or sneezing, and can live on surfaces for a short period of time. This is why it’s so important to frequently wash your hands after touching public surfaces.

Whenever possible, try to avoid person-to-person contact as well, even if the other person is not showing any symptoms. As most individuals take precautions to avoid coronavirus, no one will be offended if you politely decline a handshake.

Stay in the know

Make sure your travelers and organization have a clear, open line of communication so you can keep them updated in the event that any travel policies change. Travelers should also be encouraged to consult trusted resources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to stay informed.

Consider the health of your coworkers

If a traveler experiences any symptoms or has any suspicion that they came in contact with someone that was sick, they should be encouraged to work from home for at least two weeks. While it may be tempting to get right back in the office after being on the road, unintentionally spreading the coronavirus to coworkers could have a serious negative impact on the organization.

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