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The Best Luggage for Every Type of Traveler

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Your travel needs should typically dictate the luggage you choose to buy. Which type of luggage suits your lifestyle the best? Whether you’re a frequent business traveler or the sporadic road tripping type, we’ve rounded up our favorite types of suitcases for all travelers.

Luggage buying guide

The business traveler

If you travel frequently for business purposes, we recommend investing in a reliable carry-on. Millions of checked suitcases go missing every year and while no time is an ideal time for this to happen to you, it can be especially detrimental on a business trip when important documents and business clothing is packed away in a lost suitcase. If you’re tech-savvy, you may want to consider some smart luggage options — suitcases with built-in chargers, GPS trackers and other advanced features. Just be careful, as many airlines have banned smart luggage that does not comply with their policies. If you are often traveling with suits, skirts or dresses, consider a lightweight garment bag to keep clothes fresh and wrinkle-free.

The globe trotter

Are you constantly traveling internationally? You’ll most likely need to go with a larger option as many international trips span multiple weeks and you’ll want to look for maximum durability in any suitcase you buy. Unfortunately, when luggage is checked, it can get dragged and tossed around. Hard shell suitcases are often recommended for international travel as they are typically waterproof and offer a little more protection for the enclosed items. Be careful in your selection though, because cheap hard shell suitcases can crack or scratch easily.

The road tripper

If you’re the weekend road tripping type, get yourself a sturdy duffel bag that you can simply throw in the car. Many duffel bags come with matching toiletry bags so you can remain organized. With whatever duffel bag you choose, be sure it fits comfortably into the trunk of your car and leaves room for additional items if needed.

The adventurer

If adventure is your thing, consider a lightweight travel pack that can withstand being tossed around. Look for one that is easy to pack, portable and equipped with additional storage for your toiletries and other small items. A travel pack is a great alternative to a rolling suitcase when exploring new places and terrains.

The family vacationer

If you’re an annual traveler, and that trip is usually to the beach or another family-friendly destination, consider investing in a luggage set for the whole family. Many sets have suitcases in multiple sizes perfect for you and your kids of any age. Look for luggage that is lightweight, easy to roll through the airport and equipped with plenty of pockets and compartments for all of the extra things you need to pack for family travel. Depending on their ages, you’ll also most likely want to have a backpack for each of your kids stocked with activities and snacks for the trip.

The overpacker

If you are a chronic overpacker, an expandable suitcase is the way to go. A truly versatile option, use it at its normal size for quick trips and expand it when you happen to pack a little too much. Have you ever had to purchase an extra suitcase or travel bag while on a trip to bring home all of your souvenirs? An expandable suitcase is also the perfect option for those who like to shop during their travels.

What kind of traveler are you? Share with us in the comments section below!

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