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Is your Business Travel Program Successful? Ask Yourself these Questions

Is your corporate travel program yielding the results you want? Ask yourself these questions to find out.

Financial savings

Are your corporate travel expenditures where they should be? Is there an opportunity for additional savings? Are unused tickets being tracked and utilized?

A successful corporate travel program will save your company money. This is accomplished in a multitude of ways such as consolidating your hotel, airline and rental car contracts in order to get the best deals, tracking and utilizing unused tickets effectively, successfully managing frequent flyer and rewards programs and more.


Does your travel program save you and your employees time? Is business travel easy and convenient to book? Is trip information accessible?

A corporate travel program equips you and your employees with the tools, software and resources needed to save time and increase efficiencies.


Are your employees booking travel through your travel management company? Do their travel plans align with your company’s policies? Are they reporting travel expenses properly?

A business travel program is only effective if employees are following the guidelines and procedures put in place. Simple to understand and well-communicated policies will encourage employee compliance, allowing the travel management program to do its job and provide the maximum benefits to your organization.

Traveler satisfaction

Are your traveling employees satisfied? Do regular travelers have access to the same or similar perks as non-traveling employees?

Happier employees are generally more successful employees and traveler satisfaction is an important but often overlooked way to measure your program’s success. If your traveling employees aren’t happy, chances are something within your corporate travel management program needs to change.


Do you know where your traveling employees are at all times? Do you have proper duty of care and travel risk management programs in place? Do you and your employees know what to do if faced with disaster?

It’s your obligation to keep your employees safe while they are on the road for business. A successful travel management program prepares your company for anything and equips everyone in the organization with the tools they need to remain safe and react appropriately if faced with a crisis.

Whether you’re creating a new corporate travel program or modifying an existing one, let us help. We’ve been saving our clients time and money for over 50 years. Contact us today to learn about our corporate travel services.

We’ve been providing corporate travel management services for over 50 years.

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