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Multigenerational Travel: Fun for the Whole Family

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When we talk to grandparents, we often hear the same thing: their favorite things are traveling and being with their kids and grandkids. Enter multigeneration or 3G travel, a popular vacation option for many families.

As the years go on, adult children may move far away, life gets busy juggling kid’s sports and activities, and time spent together as a big family can become rare. 3G travel is a great way to spend uninterrupted quality time together while making memories and sharing in new experiences.

See our tips for planning a trip the whole family will love.

First off, where to?

The key is to select a destination with something for everyone, including many options for activities, food, and ways to spend individual down time. The location should also be appropriate for everyone attending – accessible and relaxing for older travelers with plenty to do for kids and those with lots of energy.

Popular multigeneration vacations include cruises and all-inclusive resorts as they offer lots of options for every type of traveler. You may even want to consider a group tour where you’d have the benefit of a tour guide to create and manage the schedule. Depending on the size of your group, this can be a cost-effective option.

What’s the budget? And, who is paying?

Was the trip a gift from the grandparents to the rest of the family? Or, is each family unit responsible for paying their own way? Will you do big dinners out each night or save money by grocery shopping? How will the checks be split at meal time? What about transportation and entertainment?

It’s best to get all of these conversations out of the way before you depart. Not having clarity on how much everyone is planning to spend and who is paying for what can challenge the sense of togetherness that the trip was originally intended for.

Traveling with family means free babysitting, right?

Well…maybe. Remember, everyone is on a vacation, so while it might be nice to sneak away for a date night, just because you are traveling with family members doesn’t mean you have access to a free babysitter each night.

Maybe each couple on the trip takes a “night off,” or maybe grandma and grandpa watch all of the grandkids one night. Whatever you decide as a family, set the plan ahead of time and stick to it.

I need my alone time, too. Should I still go?

Of course! Maybe the kids want to spend all day splashing in the pool while the grandparents want to take a walk on the beach and go on a sunset cruise. Maybe some of the family visits an upscale adults-only restaurant one night while others do an early dinner at a kid-friendly pizza joint.

Each family unit or individual should feel free to enjoy time to themselves. It will make the time you do spend together that much more meaningful.

We predict multigeneration travel is going to skyrocket in 2022 after so many families were separated during the pandemic. If you’re thinking of planning a vacation for the whole family, learn about why you should use a travel agent to get the most out of the experience.

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