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Hosting Out of Town Business Travelers? Keep These Tips in Mind

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Having business travelers visit can be a valuable way to network and get important business done. Whether you are hosting out of town clients or coworkers who work in a different office, there are plenty of ways to make your guests feel welcome.

Ask your guests their preferences

Once you know that you’ll be hosting out of town business travelers, don’t shy away from simply asking them about their preferences; this could be things such as dietary needs or if there’s anything they’d like to see or do while in the area. It’s better to be aware of these preferences ahead of time versus trying to adjust your plans on the fly. Taking the initiative to make it a memorable trip before they even arrive will certainly impress your visitors.

Give your team a heads up

Though you and a handful of others may be the only ones spending a large amount of time with your out of town guests, be sure to brief your entire team (or the entire organization) about the visitors, and encourage everyone to be friendly and welcoming.

Designate a space for your visitors

If your guests will be spending time at your office, be sure to set them up with an appropriate place to work and any equipment they may need. An empty conference room works but an extra office or desk will work even better to make them feel welcome.

Don’t forget the details

How will your guests get to and from the airport? Will their itinerary be printed out and waiting for them upon arrival? Do you have a meeting over lunch that you need to order food for? The little things do matter, especially when it comes to hosting. Paying careful attention to the details is sure to leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

Plan some out of the office activities

Whether it’s giving your guests a tour of your city, visiting a local attraction, or enjoying a nice dinner out, be sure to plan some events that are outside of the work day. This will give you valuable time to network and get to know your guests outside of the 9 to 5.

. . . But, don’t jam pack the schedule

Some business travelers prefer to have a little time to themselves in the evenings to get other work done or to just simply relax. Try to find the balance between planned events and downtime, offering suggestions if anyone asks you for something to do when there isn’t something scheduled.

Do you frequently host out of town business travelers? How do you ensure they feel welcome? For pro tips on all things business travel, contact us.


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