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Wearable Technology for Business Travelers

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Planning to travel in 2020? Check out the wearable technology trends taking the travel industry by storm.

Translation devices

This small, wearable device solves one of the biggest challenges business travelers face – the language barrier. The WT2 Language Translator offers real-time translation of 40 languages and over 85 accents with 95% accuracy, with three modes for different scenarios.

Similarly, if you have the latest version of Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro and an iPhone, you can get different languages translated instantly with the use of Siri or the Google Translate app, which can interpret more than 100 languages right into your ear.


This wouldn’t be a complete list without the mention of smartwatches. Of course, there’s the highly customizable Apple Watch but there are also so many more options on the market – the Garmin fenix 6, the Fitbit versa 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch just to name a few. With a smartwatch, you can more easily stay connected and active on the go with features such as messaging, navigation, heart rate monitoring, activity tracking and more.

Wearable thermostat

Have you ever gotten unbearably hot or cold during a flight, at a business meeting or in a hotel room? If so, Embr Wave might just be your new, wearable best friend. The bracelet gives you control over how you experience temperature by instantly cooling or warming the skin on the inside of your wrist to improve your comfort level without adjusting your core temperature.

Charging bracelets

From entertaining yourself during long layovers to playing games or reading on the flight, travel days often mean more time on your phone. Torro’s line of designer bracelets allows you to stay charged and connected on the go. When your phone needs a charge, you simply remove the bracelet and plug it into your phone and a charging device such as your laptop or their lightweight battery.

Noise cancelling headphones

Certainly not a new technology but an undeniably beneficial device, noise cancelling headphones can help you keep your sanity or get some rest on a long flight. Some highly rated brands include Sony, Bose and Jabra.

For your next vacation . . .

While this likely won’t help you on your next business trip, the technology is worth mentioning. The OceanMedallion, a first-of-its-kind wearable device is starting to be included in the price of some cruises. The Medallion can be worn as a wristband, pendant or clip and can be used for making purchases, unlocking your room, navigating the ship and more.

Do you have any wearable gadgets you’d add to this list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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