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Is Your Company’s Business Travel Increasing? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Maybe you’ve started conducting more international business or you’ve recently opened offices in new locations. Whatever the case may be, if business travel is increasing within your organization, you need to take a good look at your corporate travel program to determine if it’s equipped to handle the uptick.

Define your budget

With increased travel will come increased expenses. Now is a great time to evaluate your corporate travel budget to determine what you’re comfortable spending for the year and how you will allocate that money.

Revisit your travel and expense policies

You should continuously check in on your travel and expense policies to ensure they are relevant and all-encompassing however, this is especially important when travel is becoming more prevalent within your organization.

Ensure your tools are efficient and effective

Make a list of all of the tools you currently use for travel management. Does each one serve a purpose? Are they all performing optimally? The right tools can offer increased efficiencies, better tracking and reporting and money savings.

Increase traveler tracking and employee safety

While traveler tracking and your duty of care responsibility should always be top of mind, the more travelers you have on the road at any given time, the more you should be thinking about the policies and processes that keep your employees safe.

Ensure you’ve selected preferred partners

Working with select vendors, including rental car companies, hotels and airlines, ensures you reap the maximum amount of benefits when it comes to pricing, points and rewards, upgrades and amenities.

Partner with a trusted travel management company

You can maximize savings and get the most out of your organization’s business travel by partnering with a travel management company. A trusted TMC will ensure your policies are up-to-date, your employees are educated and your program is always working to your advantage.

Is business travel on the rise within your organization? Partner with a travel management company and ensure you’re armed to handle it.

Managing travel is our business.

It shouldn’t have to be yours. Learn about our customized approach to corporate travel management and how our services can save you time and money.

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