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When does Flying Business Class Make Sense?

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What is business class?

Business class is a class of seating on an airplane that is more expensive than economy but less expensive than first class. Generally, business class is indented for corporate travelers. The difference between first class and economy usually lies in service, seats and food. Amenities can include additional space, a lie down bed, full meals, complementary non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, blankets, pajamas, complementary toiletries and oftentimes in-flight lounge access.

When should you consider flying business class?

When you’re flying internationally and have to go to a meeting when you land

When you’re flying domestically, business class isn’t necessarily worth it. Frankly, you won’t be getting much. However, on an international flight, the experience is a much different story. When you need to be functioning properly after a long flight, the upgrade might be worth it. With lie down beds, complementary toiletries and a full meal (or two or three), you’ll definitely deboard the plane feeling energized and rested.

If you can upgrade with miles

Upgrading with airline miles or points makes flying business class much more attainable. While paying for a business class seat with cash can cost you double the economy price or more, the upgrade from economy to business class will only set you back anywhere between 40,000-50,000 points.

When your travel management company can get you a good deal

If you’re set on flying business class, see what kind of deal your travel management company can get you. They can quickly compare airlines and help you decide if it’s worth the price.

If you’re flying with a client or customer

If you’re entertaining a client or traveling with them to an important meeting or conference, business class might be the best route. Business class often offers more privacy, with individual pods for each traveler, giving both you and your guest space if you need it. Truthfully, business class just makes for a much better travel experience if you are trying to sell or impress the customer you are with.

If you have a ton of work to do in the sky

When you have a ton of work that has to be done from the plane, splurge for the business class upgrade. Chances are that the complementary WiFi, extra space and quieter atmosphere will be more conducive to working.

Have you flown business class? Was it worth it? Tell us in the comments section below!


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